About Us

About OSPIT Mobility

OSPIT provides it services to their customer through various company that is able to provide end to end enterprise solutions for E-commerce, Service Provider and Corporate. Through strategic business partnership, OSPIT implemented Voice over IP (VoIP), Computer security projects, Web & Windows Application Solution, Mobile Application Solution, Communication Software Component Solution to support customers’ business application requirements.  

Our management and personnel comes from various technological background including telecommunication operators’ environment, product vendors, system integration, system developers for workflow environment, system developers for network equipment integration and etc.  

We are specializing in: 

1.       Information, Communication Technology consultancy.

2.       Network & Communication solution. 

3.       Web Application development & Consultation. 

4.       Mobile Application Development & Deployment 

5.       North Bound Interface & South Bound Interface Customize  integration &                    Development 

6.       Greetings Robot integration and User Interface development.